What is Influencer Marketing and Why is it so Important?

Influencer marketing has been around for a while, however companies and brands are only just starting to take advantage of its benefits. With technology becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, influencer marketing has made its way to the forefront. As an influencer marketing network, Fit Media offers influencer marketing campaigns and promotions for supplement and fitness companies in order to expand their audience and increase brand awareness. More and more, we are seeing businesses shift their focus to influencer marketing to help boost their brand through social media.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the promotion of a brand’s image and/or products through different mediums of social media, including Instagram and Youtube. Influencers are the publishers and brands are the advertisers. Who are influencers? They are anyone who has an audience within a specific niche and through one or multiple social mediums. Generally, influencers promote a companies products or services while remaining authentic to the messaging – similar to a native display ad. Influencers must be trusted figures within their community, otherwise, their messaging and influence is not valuable to the brand.

To provide an example, Fit Media works with various bodybuilding influencers with extensive knowledge and backgrounds in training and nutrition. This network of influencers promote brands through their Instagram accounts by posting relevant content for their community of followers. Due to the influencers’ trusted background in his/her niche community, they are able to promote a brand’s products or services and convert over to sales.

All influencers operate differently – some create content based on reviews of products, while other influencers focus on providing genuine advice/training around their niche. At the end of the day, the influencer is in control of the brand’s message and can decide on how they want it presented to their audience. This allows the influencer to create authentic content to their targeted audience – which is beneficial to both the influencer and advertiser. The value of an influencer is generally calculated by the size of their following, the reach they have, engagement with/from their audience, and impressions/views of their content. If you’re tracking sales, then calculating value through conversions is another, more direct way of applying value to an influencer.

Why is Influencer Marketing so Important?

Before social media and smartphones, television was the only form of mass media available to consumers and was relied on heavily by advertisers and brands. Today, we have access to various forms of mass media at the palm of our hands, allowing consumers to pick and choose how and what content they view. This creates a problem for brands, as their target audience spreads out over a number of forms of media, it becomes more difficult to reach them.

Influencer marketing helps solve this problem for advertisers. It offers brands to locate and advertiser directly to their target audience and remain authentic. Consumers are becoming more skeptical of brands and their marketing tactics, thus building trust with your audience is crucial if brands are to succeed in the current advertising ecosystem. Influencer marketing allows your brand to promote the product and service through someone with a niche community, high engagement, and authenticity. In other words, influencer are trusted sources when it comes to advertising.

What Now?

Influencer marketing requires a level of trust between the advertisers and influencers. Sometimes this can be difficult to achieve, especially if you’re looking for a specific message you want your brand to portray. A brand must hold true to their reputation and image – using a trusted and professional influencer is very important.

While influencers may look the part, they don’t always play it. Be cautious of fake followers and influencers with poor quality content. A large following doesn’t always mean the influencer is the best one to use – remember quality over quantity. Vetting influencers for your marketing campaign can be time consuming difficult to do. So let us do it for you! Fit Media has a network of trusted fitness influencers who are ready to promote your brand and products. We offer low cost and effective services, guaranteeing high media value for your campaign. We work with you directly and make sure to report back results of each campaign using our influencer tracking software. Email [email protected] to find out how you can get started today!

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