Top 5 Things Fitness Influencers Should Be Doing To Grow on Instagram

Over the last few years, bodybuilding influencers have taken social media by storm.Supplement marketing agencies like Fit Media are helping connect bodybuilding Influencers to fitness brands and supplement companies in order to expand this market further. With this massive growth, comes a lot of competition for both fitness influencers and brands looking to get their foot in the door. As a supplement advertiser, who do you choose? How do you know which fitness influencer fits with your brand? How do you know if a fitness influencer will reach your target audience? As a fitness Instagram influencer, how do you get your name known in the fitness marketing space? How do you seperate yourself from the competition? How do you grow your own brand to be amongst the top bodybuilding influencers?


These are hard question to answer if you’re just starting out as a fitness influencer. That’s why we went out and asked them for you! Below you’ll find tips that we received from the experts – Fit Media influencers! So read below to discover the top 10 things fitness influencers should be doing RIGHT NOW to grow their fitness Instagram pages.


  1. Add value

Fitness influencer marketing isn’t always about the quantity of posts or content you have. You need to make sure that as a fitness influencer, you’re also creating high quality content that your audience will engage with. Brad Goldman (@bestrongstayfit) says that “you can post all the half-naked bathroom shots you want, but if you don’t educate your audience or add value to your post, you will not successfully capture [their] attention”. Bodybuilding influencer marketing, just like any other form of bodybuilding advertising, needs to provide value to the consumer. Almost anything can be found online nowadays, so you need to give your audience a reason to come to your fitness instagram page, instead of searching it elsewhere. “Add value, add education, and add authenticity to your posts and you’ve got the perfect recipe” says Brad.


  1. Stay on topic

With so much information available, it’s important for fitness instagram influencers to keep their focus narrow and stay on topic. In other words, find out what your niche is, stick with it, and kill it! Jack Morrow (@jack_the_deadlift_ripper) is a perfect example of this. He says staying on topic is key for your bodybuilding instagram page. For example, “if you’re followed for your bench press, your audience probably won’t engage with your family reunion or woodwork project … save that for your personal accounts and keep your influencer content relevant”.


  1. Post consistently

This one sounds pretty obvious but many fitness influencers forget to consistently update their fitness instagram page. Remember: you’re audience follows you for a reason – they like your posts and want to see more, so make sure to keep them happy by posing content daily!


  1. Engage with your audience

When you become a fitness influencer, you are literally influencing people into certain actions and decisions (as the title suggests). Your audience not only follows you for tips and advice, but they also look up to you. That’s why bodybuilding influencer marketing isn’t just about the content, but also about engaging directly with your followers. Mullatto Muscle (@mullatto_muscle) says you have to “reach out to people, message people, tag people, and be genuine … have a vision you believe in”. When bodybuilding influencers engage this way, their followers become more dedicated and feel listened to. It’s time consuming but worth it for your fitness instagram page in the long-run.


  1. Post with a purpose

This one seems simple, however many bodybuilding and fitness influencers can easily lose focus here. Fitness influencer marketing needs to have an authentic message behind it, especially if you want to dip your feet into the supplement advertising niche. Making sure you track and measure your content against the right metrics is important for any fitness influencer. Jack (@jack_the_deadlift_ripper) says “for any piece of content you publish, you should have a primary metric for measuring the success of that content. This could be likes, comments, clicks, etc. What matters is knowing the goal and gauging your progress using the right metrics”. Track your content and make sure to diversify your posts while making sure your fitness instagram page stays within the niche you are hitting.

Fitness influencer marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with the right tools and consistency, growing your personal brand is definitely achievable! At Fit Media, we can connect you to the right brands and supplement advertising companies to push your fitness instagram page to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more, email Fit Media directly at [email protected] and we can help get our fitness influencer campaign started.

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