How to Choose the Right Fitness Influencers for your Supplement Marketing Campaign

You’ve got your supplements in stores and on online shops, like Amazon, but sales just aren’t coming through! You decide to run some ads and market the brand more to help drive more traffic to your site. You notice that this quickly starts to add up and there’s no room left in your budget for traditional advertising. Now what? This is a common problem businesses encounter with supplement advertising. So what’s the solution? Influencer marketing!

Running fitness influencer campaigns through Instagram can be very beneficial to your brand and sales without breaking the bank. Why? Most fitness and bodybuilding influencers have small to medium sized followings, however still receive high engagement rates with their audience. Fitness influencers also have a much higher dedication and offer more value to their audience, while influencers with millions of followers tend to have less of a niche market. Fitness Instagram influencers are the solution to your advertising needs! But how do you choose the right ones?

Below we’ll share some tips and strategies on how to optimize your supplement marketing campaign by choosing the right influencers for your brand and products.

  1. Number and Quality of Followers

While a successful and effective bodybuilding influencer isn’t defined by their number of followers, taking a dive into their following is important. For your supplement marketing campaign to be effective, you want your brand and products to be able to reach a specific audience, so you want to see how many followers an Instagram influencer has and if those followers are real or not. A quick browse through an influencers followers will give you a good idea as to whether they are the real deal. Looking through the comments is another indicator – are there a lot of followers but not a lot of comments? If so, that may be a red flag. Finding bodybuilding influencers with followers in the range of 20 – 50k is a good indicator that the influencer will be effective and not too pricey.

  1. Engagement Rates

What are engagement rates? Simply put, this is the rate at which followers engage with an influencers’ posts and content. It’s difficult and very time consuming to calculate the actual engagement rate of a bodybuilding influencer, however you can get a good idea by quickly browsing their content. What you’re looking for is how often do people comment and like photos and videos compared to how many followers the influencer has. For example, if bodybuilding instagram influencer has 100k followers but their last post only has 100 likes and 50 comments, that’s a very poor engagement rate. To contrast, 100 likes and 50 comments for an influencer with 5k followers would be high!

  1. Quality of Content

The next thing you should look at is what type of content the influencer is posting on a day to day basis. There are a few things to look at here for bodybuilding influencer marketing purposes: do they post content consistently? This means they should be posting everyday, and potentially multiple times a day, depending on what the content is. Does the influencer post only relevant content or personal content? This can have a big effect on an influencers following and engagement. Top bodybuilding influencers keep all of their content relevant and keep personal posts off their Instagram page. Do they post high quality photos and videos? If photos are low quality, blurry, have poor lighting, etc. that generally means they aren’t putting a lot of effort into their content and won’t provide good media value to your bodybuilding influencer campaign. Is the content informative and useful to their audience? The more relevant the content, the higher the engagement.

  1. Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is different than engagement rate and needs to be examined seperately. Why do bodybuilding influencers need to engage with their audience? By engaging with the audience, it allows an instagram influencers followers to feel more comfortable with them and creates a more dedicated following. People are more likely to follow a bodybuilding influencer long-term when they’re listened to. They’re also a lot more likely to comment, like and engage with an influencers content if they’re engaging back with them. An easy way to check this is by browsing through comments to see if the influencer is commenting and talking with his/her audience. This will ensure your supplement advertising campaign receives good media value.

  1. Media Value

At the end of the day, media value is one of the most important measurements a fitness influencer can offer you. Media value looks at all the communication and content around a bodybuilding influencer campaign including mentions, comments, likes, reposts, shares, impressions, engagement rate, and much more in order to calculate the instagram influencers value. It allows you to get a good idea as to the value you’ve received from your influencer campaign. Media value is very difficult to calculate and because of that, finding out the true value of your campaign is near impossible. However, Fit Media does calculate media value, along with all other measurements! Not only that, but we have access to a massive network of bodybuilding and fitness influencers that are perfect for your brand. Our influencer software is specialized to run and optimize your campaign and get you the best value possible. If you’re ready to try us out, email us at [email protected] and we can get you started!

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