4 Benefits of Using Bodybuilding Influencers for your Supplement Marketing Campaign

Bodybuilding marketing has become more difficult as this niche industry has grown over the last decade. The number of people purchasing gym memberships has grown, gym attendance has increased, and more gyms are opening up all over the world. Not to mention, the amount of overweight people over the age of 20 has also increased since the early 2000’s. This global trend has opened up the door for bodybuilding and fitness marketing to become mainstream. While traditional advertising, such as digital display ads, remain one of the most popular forms of marketing for advertisers and agencies, fitness influencer marketing has grown significantly.


Here are a few interesting stats on fitness Instagram marketing:

  • 92% of marketers agree that Instagram has become the most important social platform for Influencer marketing
  • 71% of US businesses use Instagram, which is double the amount since 2016
  • 80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram
  • Of the 800 million Instagram users, 500 million check their Instagram feed daily
  • 80% of Influencers prefer to use Instagram for brand collaboration over other social media outlets


These numbers show us that Instagram has become the top platform for brands to market their products and services, as well as stay active on. Especially fitness and bodybuilding brands that are targeting Millennials and Gen X.

Below, we’ll go over some of the key benefits to using bodybuilding Influencers for your supplement marketing campaign and how to approach this growing niche.


  1. Increased media value compared to traditional advertising

What is media value and why does it matter for your supplement marketing campaign? Media value is calculated using three metrics: how many people your campaign reached, average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of the campaign, and the conversion factor (how likely the publisher or in our case, the influencer, is to convert the campaign to their audience). Why is estimating media value important? Fitness influencer campaigns, like any other digital advertising, needs to be measured to ensure value is received by the advertiser. Media value allows advertisers to measure their campaigns.


Traditional display advertising offers some simple calculations to measure success, such as click-through rate, total impressions, cost-per-click, and cost-per-conversion. While advertisers will weigh some metrics over others, all of them are important when measuring the total media value. However, supplement advertising through Instagram can provide higher media value when compared to display ads. Fitness Instagram marketing offers a more targeted approach with higher engagement by more a more dedicated audience.


  1. More targeted niche audience

Display advertising can be targeted in a couple of ways: 1) as a fitness supplement advertiser, you can pick and choose which sites you want your ads to display on, and 2) you can run retargeting ads that use cookies to direct ads to customers after they’ve visited your site, as they browse the web. While these approaches work, they can be costly, they are not ideal to consumers, and neither will necessarily lead to high conversion rates.


Fitness and bodybuilding influencers offer an inexpensive and targeted approach compared to display advertising. A fitness influencer has a dedicated following of people who have chosen to see their posts everyday and go out of their way to like/comment on the content. This allows these fitness influencers to target a niche audience for your supplement brand. For instance, an influencer who posts bodybuilding content has 50,000 followers. That means 50,000 people will see and listen to what this influencer posts and have a direct interest in learning about bodybuilding and lifting techniques. Using this influencer to promote your supplement allows you to directly advertise to 50,000 people who are your exact audience. Whereas a display campaign on a site may only reach a portion of an interested audience, or only target those consumers who have already visited your site.


  1. Cheaper supplement marketing

Generally, spending more money on advertising leads to more targeted and increased results for a campaign. However, this isn’t always the case with fitness influencers. Fitness influencers with smaller followings (less than 100k) tend to have higher engagement rates with their audiences. Why? Fitness influencers attract a very specific audience that allows bodybuilding marketing to be hyper targeted through their Instagram page. In other words, a smaller audience = more targeted results. This means that a small to medium sized budget can go a long way with fitness influencer marketing, compared to the average small business that spends $10k-$12k per month on traditional display advertising.


  1. Influencer marketing is more native

While display advertising can work well, it still requires customers to click on an ad in order for it to work. Making display advertising look more native is becoming difficult for advertisers. With influencer marketing, native advertising is much easier and takes less effort for an advertiser. Using Instagram fitness and bodybuilding influencers to promote your products and brand allows your “ad” to look natural in a customers Instagram feed. While customers are still required to click on a link, Instagram promotion through fitness influencers allows the consumer to feel more comfortable with the ad and look less spammy in their Instagram feed. This will result in increased results and conversions for your product and brand.


If you’re interested in fitness marketing through bodybuilding Instagram influencers, Fit Media can help get you started! Fit Media works with a number of bodybuilding and fitness brands to promote their supplements and other products on Instagram. We have access to thousands of fitness influencers and can increase your audience, grow the brand, and generate more sales to your site! To learn more about our fully catered marketing service, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get you started right away!

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